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At Austin Professional Painting we perform the most extensive and thorough preparation to be found. This is critical to a durable, long lasting, and beautiful paint job. Our service, however, extends far beyond this and includes the following components:
We are expert at evaluating the root cause of existing problems - a critical step in providing a long term solution.

Evaluate what paint or plaster needs to be removed and what will likely remain solid for decades.

Determine what methods of failed paint removal and plaster stabilization are most appropriate.

Specify what primer is most appropriate considering a variety of factors such as materials, wood types, the type of paint to be used, and the existing condition of the surfaces.

Specify what types of paints/stains are most appropriate considering materials to be painted/stained, location, architectural elements and style, as well as client preferences.

We develop a schedule and project plan around specific logistical challenges such as project sequencing requirements for renovations, special considerations for children and pets, or coordinating with church schedules and museum hours.

Proper protection of the property, floors, carpets, door hardware, and other non-painted surfaces is a vital part of our process.

We employ unique systems and equipment for the critical containment of paint chips dust, and plaster debris. Our specialized power sander/HEPA vacuum systems not only serve to contain dust, but also minimize dust generation at the source.

Work areas are encased to prevent dust migration into other areas of the structure.

The job site is cleaned up during and at the end of each day as well as at the end of the job. We will leave the job site as clean, or cleaner than when we arrived.

The preparation of the surfaces prior to painting is the most time consuming, expensive and important step in any beautiful, lasting paint job.

Clean surfaces of dirt, grease, oils, polishes/cleaners, and any other contamination.

Remove all failed paint and plaster to establish a solid foundation for new paint. A combination of hand scraping/sanding, power sanding, and multiple paint stripping methods are integrated.

Stabilize, repair, patch, and smooth plaster surfaces.

Nail and screw holes are filled to become invisible when painted.

Feather sand ridges and ease edges of woodwork for improved paint performance and appearance.

Fill all gaps to provide a seamless appearance.

We provide real paint samples of every color to be used before painting is started to ensure that the colors are just right.

We use only premium quality primers, paints, caulk, and other materials – more expensive, but a great investment due to superior appearance, durability and performance.

Skilled, knowledgeable craftsmen with advanced application methods maximize neatness, durability, and appearance.

We stand behind and support all of our work with a 5 year warranty. In the unlikely event that something needs attention during this time, we will be there to respond to it quickly and effectively.

We are committed to creating enthusiastic clients for they are the source of nearly all of our future work.

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your painting needs.

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