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Limewash/Masonry Painting
Experts, us included, have often advised against painting brick, stone and masonry surfaces with acrylic based paints. This is because acrylic paints act as a moisture barrier trapping moisture inside the masonry surface. This trapped moisture can cause all kinds of issues including; brick spalling, where trapped moisture inside the brick freezes and chips off the brick face, mold issues from trapped moisture, and paint de-lamination. Mineral paints are different. They are moisture permeable and allow the brick to dry out and their high PH levels are naturally mold and mildew inhibitive. When applied correctly, ROMABIO Masonry Paint has a 20 yearmanufacturers warranty, won’t chip, flake, or peel off, has high UV resistance, and is naturally mold and mildew inhibitive due to it’s high PH levels. UV ray’s are the primary cause for acrylic paint breakdown which results in a brittle, chalky and cracked paint surface. Mineral paints are different because they are made out of Potassium Silicate instead of acrylic binders.

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