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Our Austin Professional Painting team creates stunning results in Venetian plaster walls. From a smooth finish to textured designs, our team is well-trained to handle your requests.

Regardless if you are a home owner or interior designer planning to decorate an accent wall, room or hallway of the house, a lobby of a building, office, restaurant or retail store, Venetian Plaster is that decorative painting material that is going to take most of your attention and of those that will be coming to visit your place

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What is/ Venetian Plaster?

This colored plaster finish with unlimited possibilities in creativity, can truly turn walls and ceilings of any residential or commercial space into a work of art. A decorative colored plaster finish that has resisted all the tests of time for its durability. It has now become the most recommended decorative finish from all interior designers and architects around the world.

The presence of lime which is well known for it’s strong antibacterial properties, mold and mildew resistance, makes this product one of the most healthy and Eco-friendly painting materials that exist.

Depending on the grid of the marble dust that is used to make the material and the technique used on the application, this product can deliver a glass-like finish with a lot of depth and highly polished or matte finish, distressed and rough texture.

Why Venetian plaster?

In Austin where the word “unique” is one of the most common words, the demand for custom products specially made for you, is growing every day. There are beautiful wallpaper patterns with many colors and finishes, faux finishing with stripes, ragging and sponging techniques, but nothing can imitate the beauty and uniqueness of the Venetian plaster finishes.

Every artist has its own way to do the application so the finishing result can be different even if the same material, color and technique was used. The combinations of the different colors between semitransparent layers of thin plaster makes it even more complex and unique. Utilizing metallic effects will give a more traditional or modern character to the surface which in combination with furniture and other decorative accents will work in harmony with the design of the room. Many different stone or marble like effects can be applied to columns and panels to make them look and feel like real stone.

Venetian Plaster FAQ

Depending on the type of the plastering material that is being used, the finish that needs to be achieved, and other expenses that are unique for every job, like the application on the ceiling is twice more difficult than that of the wall, some walls are tall and require working on scaffoldings and stepladders, some apartments might have a lot of belongings to move and work around and that makes the application more difficult and some surfaces like working around corners and applying venetian plaster to columns are more difficult to work with.

So after seeing the job we will charge per square foot or by the job. Some interior plaster finishes like the stucco lucid are made of fine grid of marble dust do not require a lot of plastering material, but polishing surfaces is time consuming and very hard work for the painter, so the pricing varies from $8/square foot to $16/square foot. Some exterior or interior rough texture plasters are made of larger grains of marble dust are very material consuming and their pricing can range from $15/ sq ft – $25 / sq ft.

Modern Venetian plaster dries to a durable finish and has a reputation for being a lifetime finish option. It is a popular choice as it can last for several years with minimal signs of wear. Not only can it mimic the accents and dimensional aspects of stone, but it can also last just as well.
Austin Pro Painting offers a low-maintenance solution and creates a luxurious appearance without the need for grout lines, so that your space exudes an inviting ambience of leisure. If you are looking for an elegant finish without breaking the bank, Venetian finish on walls is the perfect option for your home.
Our team works with your artistic preference to elevate ordinary walls into extraordinary masterpieces. We can create a simple, spacious interior with a minimalist design approach utilizing neutral color palettes. For those with a more maximalist appeal, we utilize boldness and richness in texture and color.

Venetian plaster can help improve the structural integrity of your walls. Because it is composed of limestone or marble dust, it is rock hard, and can actually help strengthen your walls!

It’s completely customizable and unique

It’s Eco-Friendly and health conscious

It’s timeless!

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